The Doctor and The Stork: A Memoir of Modern Medical Babymaking


I’m thrilled to announce that my book, The Doctor and The Stork: A Memoir of Modern Medical Babymaking, is now available in bookstores and on

Here’s a little bit about it:

When I first learned I was pregnant with twins at the tender age of 39, my IVF doctor couldn’t name a single book that would speak directly to the experience. She reeled off numbers about protein intake, then listed titles of well-known books about singleton pregnancies, which, as I started reading, seemed to be written for a whole different species of mother.

I quickly turned to the books specific to multiples, and found them packed with facts about nutrition, rest, and medical complications—useful, but not at all soothing. Other twin-themed books offered advice on how to wrangle two newborns, but even skimming those fogged my brain with fear. Yes, I’d have to do all that, but while pregnant, I was often just trying to make it through the day.

I never found the book that captured the insanity that is twin pregnancy, so I decided to write it myself, from the copious and frantic notes I kept throughout those grueling months. I hope my story will offer humor and insight, but above all, I hope it will amuse, comfort and distract people on this journey—or anyone interested in a story of a family coming together through the rigorous but amazing path of modern medical babymaking.


At Pegasus Bookstore in Berkeley, Nov. 4 2015